Friday, December 16, 2011

Road ID.

Getting hit by a truck was scary and finally provided the motivation for me to order a Road Id. A good friend had been pushing me to get one since August, however the belief of my own invincibility had to be shattered before I would act.

Their logo says it all: “If you can’t speak for yourself, Road Id will speak for you.”

Having several different product models, they are similar to military dogtags. Inscribed on each band is personalized information such as name, birthday, emergency contacts, and any prior medical history or information that could be pertinent in an emergency. They also suggest putting an inspirational quote (I chose not to).

I was initially drawn to the Shoe Id, a band that wraps onto the laces of a shoe, however, after thinking about it carefully I opted out of that model because it would be difficult to attach to my cycling shoes but more importantly because in a real emergency, paramedics will not be looking on your shoes for medical information.

Instead I chose the Ankle Id. It’s a simple reflective and padded band (which comes in a few color choices) and velcros around your ankle. Ordering was easy and shipping was incredibly fast. Arriving three or four days later!

Your Road ID will arrive in this conspicuous package!

Inside this envelope was a lightweight potential lifesaver! The next morning I tossed it on for the real test (well I suppose the real test would be for me to get into a life-threatening accident, but I'm in no rush to test it that badly). On my 4.5 mile run, it didn't rub at all and even better I didn’t even notice that I was wearing it.

The following morning I strapped it on over my thermal bib pants and logged a great 17 mile ride without incident but with peace of mind! 

Seriously! Don’t wait for a crazed cabbie or service vehicle to run you down before ordering yours! They’re relatively inexpensive and make a great gift for any runner or cyclist. Furthermore, if you order in the next month try entering coupon code: ThanksAnthony9724503 for $1 off. 

In other news, I had a great training week. Logging 5 workout days, (4 runs and 1 ride) I threw down 37.5 miles. Definitely starting to feel strong on the pavement.

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