Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Real Post!

Today marks my first real post as well as my first day exercising since Saturday. As I mentioned in my last post, I am currently training for my first half marathon (ING MIAMI Half) and as such I am following the Hal Higdons Novice Training Program. However, while some disagree, I think I should have found a slightly more advance program since I believe my general fitness level is much higher than the program assumes. As such, the workouts don’t really tire me out and so I often add extra to the program.

I wish I hadn’t on Saturday!

According to the plan, weekends are for long runs, and because I’ve been battling with my schedule as well as a reoccurring injury I did the only logical thing and jumped forward a week in the program to ensure I get all the longest runs in before race day. As such I increased the run distance from 5 to 6 miles. No biggie! I ran the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan Bridge and back to the Promenade, rocking out to the Next to Normal soundtrack the entire way! A pleasant 6.1 mile loop that I completed at a 7:39 pace which I was pretty happy about since I wasn’t paying any attention to my speed.

I got back home and hopped on my foam roller and then made some breakfast while continuing my stretching routine. I had a nutrient dense breakfast: ¾ cup soaked quinoa with half an avocado, half a tomato and ¼ cup of raw almonds and a generous tablespoon of hemp seeds. Then I started filling my bathtub to take an ice bath when I decided that it was a beautiful day and I wasn’t tired enough to call it a morning.

Abandoning my schoolwork on my desk, I chose to do a short ride to Prospect Park. After one loop in the park, I was returning to a dull afternoon of school and work when a Verizon truck hit me!  How’s that for excitement?

The lowdown: I was following the truck down the street when it slowed and pulled to the right side of the road as if to park. Continuing my ride, the truck pulled back out into the road completely cutting off my lane as I was about to pass. Squeezing the brake handles, the truck clipped my back tire; the back of the bike flew up into the air, my feet popped out of the clips and were thrown upwards towards the heavens and then gravity regained control and threw me straight down into the pavement as if Zeus himself had struck me down. Yeah, it really sucked. However, all things considered I am counting myself incredibly lucky:

  1. there was not another vehicle directly behind me or coming from the other direction to run me over.
  2. my favorite pair of bib shorts did not rip.
  3. because of the way I fell, I suffered only minor degrees of road rash.
  4. most importantly my bike appears to be fine

I literally bounced off the ground then landed with a soft thud. I remained still for several seconds (felt like minutes). The world became quiet but through the fuzz I could hear strangers screaming "Are you okay?" as they rushed to me. Still I just lay there, wiggling each finger and toe before finally moving. The adrenaline hid the pain that was growing in my shoulder and hip. I thought I was fine. Finally I sat up, and saw a man walking away with my bike. Terrified that I was too weak and discombobulated to stop a mugger, I gathered as much strength as I could, deepened my voice and said, "That's my bike!" 

Clearly I've adopted that New York attitude!

Everyone, the driver who-ran-me-over included, was incredibly friendly. Coincidentally, a guy who competes in triathlons saw the entire thing and I was hit in front of the apartment of a man who advocates for Transportation Alternatives (really awesome organization, donate now people!) His wife not only brought me hot chocolate (I didn't drink it, but it was nice to hold something hot!), but he also offered to hold onto my bike overnight for me. Feeling okay, I crawled out of the street and onto the sidewalk. It was then that I took out my phone, stopped MapMyFitness app (priorities!) and then called 911. By the time the firetrucks and then police arrived, I was freezing and my hip and shoulder were in some intense pain.

Grinning like a fool while waiting for the Police!

The rest of the story is boring but basically I spent much of the day in the hospital and while I’m still sore, I am healing nicely (nothing a little Neosporin can’t fix, even if that Neosporin expired in November 2007! (Oops! Now you all know what I need for the holidays!)). Friends rallied to my side and their support meant the world to me. 

Me pretending to be FDR at the ER

Thanks to all! 
Until next time, Ride and Run safely.   


  1. I'm glad you can make light of it now; it was pretty harrowing at the time- what with posting pictures of you in a wheelchair and such.

    P.S. Couldn't you have gotten a picture with the firemen?

    P.P.S. I love the name of your blog; you should do a post about the inpsiration behind it!

  2. Crazy story! You should mention that you're sitting in an extra large wheelchair so people don't think you're hobbit sized! Def did a double-take when I saw the picture!

    Great first post!

  3. @ Abby, I was already planning on doing a post about the inspiration! Geeze, give me a minute... and trust me, these were definitely not the firemen that calendars are made of!

    @Greg, yes it was an extra large wheel chair. I actually asked if the nurse was trying to tell me something... Apparently hospitals only buy the big ones now because Americans are... well... they are big!

  4. Good lord, Ant, I'm glad you're okay!