Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Arroz curry con verduras

As the holidays creep every closer (and more importantly, the new Star Wars) it’s tempting to create a massive feast that uses every pot, pan, and kitchen gadget we have to blog, but I think what could be potentially more useful is a simple but delicious and filling dish that can be made anywhere which requires just one pot, a few condiments, and is finished in under thirty minutes.

M and I first made this dish at a hotel while we were in Southern Argentina, and enjoyed it with another couple from the hotel, whom quickly became good friends. M and I will definitely be enjoying this dish again during our upcoming trip to New York.

The dish can be made with almost any vegetables you have on hand but this particular rendition is really nice particularly for chilly or colder nights as the blend of flavors gives a warming sensation.

We bought a premixed curry at a small dietetica (basically a “health” food store that has spices and herbs). Most currys are a combination of different south Asian spices often containing coriander, turmeric, cumin, fenugreek and chili or pepper. If you don’t have a curry, the two main spices are turmeric and cumin and can easily replace the pre-bought mix.

Azzor with vegetables

2 cups brown rice
1 onion – well chopped
2 carrots – well chopped
1 small bunch of broccoli – well chopped
1 can of corn
1 handful of raisins
1 small bunch arugula, kale, or spinach – well chopped (optional)
1 tablespoon curry powder (or spice combination)
1 teaspoon garlic powder
salt and black pepper to taste
 cups of water or broth

In a large pot start by sautéing the chopped onion for a few moments. Once the onion starts to turn translucent, add the rice, the water and the spices.

Bring to a boil and then reduce heat to simmer. Once simmering, add the broccoli, carrots, and can of corn. Mix well, cover and then let the dish cook for another 15 minutes.

When most of the water is absorbed, add the handful of raisins to the dish. This will give the entire dish a nice but subtle sweetness which really adds to the dish and helps cut any bitterness of the curry powder.

Once all the water is absorbed, serve the dish hot on top of your favorite greens. Feel free to garnish with a few chopped cashews or avocado.

As always the information presented in this blog is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered as specific medical, nutritional, lifestyle, or other health-related advice.

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  1. It looks like a tasty dish. Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas.