Friday, February 3, 2012

Compassion is SEXY

One of my favorite places to get food, the Cinnamon Snail (the first organic vegan food truck)  has just announced that they are having a valentines day menu! Preorders only! Be sure to check them out on facebook for the menu and details on how to order.

Hello all,

Perhaps the silliest holiday of the calendar year is only 11 days away. And while I would be happy with a bountiful bouquet of broccoli, chances are you’re not dating me or even buying me a gift. So assuming you’re dating someone who enjoys the occasional sweet, there is still a chance to give them a gift that shows you care… for more than just them. As Paul McCarthney claims, "going veg can save the world."And since Valentines day is the holiday of love, it is important to remember that compassion is sexy.

So perhaps instead of purchasing environmentally harmful and ultimately wasteful flowers for your romantic partner, and rather than giving them something that causes countless pain and suffering for thousands of animals (not to mention clogged arteries to your partner) choose compassion by gifting a vegan treat and show exactly how sexy you are by showing how much you care!

Looking for some vegan V-day ideas? Check out some of these things.

(Gone Pie!)   

Gone Pie – Bob Dylan lovers everywhere should unite behind this mostly organic, local and gluten free but always vegan bakery! (check out Abby Beans blog for all sorts of positive reviews! Both of us love their goods as well as the owner Barbara- who is a true artist! (Local to NYC but does orders via the web))

Sweet & Sara – Now available in most Whole Foods and also via the web, marshmallow sweets have never tasted better! (Also see Abby’s blog about Sweet and Sara. Sara is also from NYC and is a total vegan rock star!)

Lula’s Sweet Apothecary – This is a NYC gem in the heart of the East Village. Come here and try their handcrafted, all natural vegan ice cream. (Seriously amazing stuff made by an amazing staff!) 

(Sweet & Sara)

In truth, this list can go on indefinitely. And not just for those in the NYC area. Find something local and give it a try. I personally give two thumbs up to: Princeton, New Jersey’s The Bent Spoon; Washington DC’s Sticky Fingers; Atlanta, Georgia's Dulce Bakery; and Toronto, Canada’s Bunners. Chances are you and your special someone(s) (who am I to limit you to one special friend!) will be more than pleasantly surprised. And you’ll be helping animals as well as the environment!

Cheers and stay well,
see you out there!

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